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Culture-specific holiday gatherings: A healing balm for the psyche and soul

Cynthia R. Milsap

As the holidays begin and we prepare our chosen delicacies, let us remember that the real celebration is in the people and the relationships that we make space for at this time of year. The challenge is not to limit our “gatherings” to the holiday season, but for us to find ways to continue the magic of developing nurturing relationships, institutions, and programs that sustain a loving and affirming spirit. We need social spaces which affirm our cultural traditions and differences as well as spaces that allow us to cross-over and to share our cultural identities with one another without valuing one culture more than others.

The Power of Love to Save Babies' Lives

Cynthia R. Milsap and Rev. Dr. Shirley Fleming

Cynthia Milsap interviews the Rev. Dr. Shirley Fleming, Co-Director of The Center for Faith and Community Health Transformation and Director for Faith Health Promotion for the Office of Community Engagement and Neighborhood Health Partnerships at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Rev. Dr. Fleming updates us on the status of infant mortality inequities in the United States and notes that current research suggests that the presence of loving, supportive families, communities, and institutions are key factors in reducing the mother’s stress and improving the child’s survival rate.  Read the whole interview here.

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